game rules

Those are the rules you have to respect

Staff Members

- Respect all staff members
- Do not impersonate staff members
- GM / Admin is not allowed to modify the Gameplay

3rd Party Programs / Exploit

- You are not allowed to use any bot program
- Any kind of exploits
- Report any bug to Discord on report section.
- Do not use client modifications

Game accounts

- Take care when setting password. If you get your account stolen it's your fault.

- Using someone else's account without permission is forbidden, hacking into someone else's account will result in permanent banned.

- Use anti-virus software to protect your computer vs hacking programs/keyloggers.

RMT - Real Money Transactions

- Buying or Selling ingame items, currency, or services with Real Money is forbidden!

- Accounts that will engage in RMT violation will result in permanent ban to ALL accounts related to the violation

- In case of RMT Violation by a donator/supporter/premium user, there won't be any refunds whatsoever.

Language & Chat

- It is forbidden to use bad words, in any form in character names, clan names or titles

- It is forbidden to use bad words (swear), in any form (abbreviated, symbols, full text)

- It is forbidden insults against a nation, racism or any kind of insult that is against the law,  players who do this will be permanent banned.

- Do not spam in game or in forum/social media

- Do not advertise other servers of any sort

- Do not spread false information or disrupt the community


- In case when donator will be banned, he doesn't have rights to require transfer of donated   items/skills on other char

- Donators are obligated to follow server and forum rules.

- Donators have no right for refund(s).